STRANGE DAY FOR 😻 Cats Awesome Funny Pet Animals

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What the? Play ( catch me if you can ) Wooooow. It `s Magic. I will catch you. Ops. Maybe I’m hungry. Belly asks to eat. When will he stop? Time to cook breakfast. Making food out of dough. Cat said hamburger. You eating only cold food and i eating only hot food. Trying food life hacks to see if they work. The hamster wants to eat too. Bon Appetit. Thanks! I am the best cook! Let’s start cooking viral tiktok food hacks. Hard working lady. Viral tiktok food hacks number 1. Super speed. What the? Ferret says he wants a burger. Super fast speed hacks. Go outside, I do not need cat reviews food. I’m hungry. Catch me if you can 2. Let’s go to my plate. Ferret again? Oh no, I’m stuck. Cat help me. Not so much. Try again. Well done, good job. Oh no, I feel hunger again. Food in the fridge. Full speed ahead! This the worst. Timeout. This food is unreal, my head is playing with me. Meditation for a good mood. Idea. And here is my breakfast. Catch me if you can part 2. Real food runs very fast. Ferret says no food no shoes. Cat must catch mice. Many thanks! I’m busy. Make colorful food. Little color food is ready. I have a cat and a mouse, now I’ll make a dog. I’ll call this dish Cat and Dog Road Trip. My belly wants to eat, the cookies are ready. Delicious. Everything is OK. Hunger again? This is my cat wants to eat. Here is the food for cats. My kitty is happy. What the? Gotta give the ferret food. Here you go, big mouse. So who now wants some delicious food? It’s me your mouse. Thanks a lot, bye bye. I’ll play with the cat. What the? My favorite shoes, this animal takes. Ok. Let’s play well with pets and do not forget about face masks! Round 1, the easiest. I won. Round 2 pet vs human. I won again, it was easy. The Round 3. We teach a pet. Easy. I won. New round for funny pet. Funniest animal don’t stop. I’m smarter than cat and dog, bye bye We continue to train our animal. New round invisible wall 2. He is smart as a dog. And he climbs the trees like a cat. I can teach pet a trick the fastest. Next roud. New invisible wall for a pet. Next round! Do not touch my pillow! I taught my pet to play the hide and seek. Well done, but I found you. He liked to play hide and seek. Bye Bye. Funny Moments. Hasta La Vista Katy. Who do you like more? Cats, Ferrets, Мouse, Dogs or Hamsters? I look forward to comments under the video and thanks for the likes!

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