Official Straight Face Challenge

Official Straight Face Challenge

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thank you having have more problems for
a trouble risk where cuz this is Africa, hello hi someone recommended that I do
rap god faster but rap gods not actually that fast I’ll try it at 1.25 and see if
I can go music Oh going out on a date with a guy makes me a slut
then that’s just what I’m gonna be I don’t think going out on a date mate you
slept but having sex with different men make you make you a slut well what does
it make you if you have sex with different women a slut maker haha
you need a diaper I like tell everybody what your hints who the hell would want
to smell like Africa and I’m still working on my coke addiction my my diet
coke addiction you help me up and tell me everything
for me George I am I am so telling mom stop that stop
that right now I am telling mom yeah it’s my fish tank George that’s me so I
think how do I get in that situation oh I’ll tell you Paul starts no no what I can’t swim are you picking up chicks and
target milady will you go on a date with me I’m going first step up here on this
chair and close your eyes all right and then everybody fill in and we’re
going to ask you to fall and then they will catch you so you have to trust us
on the count of three just relax and fall okay one two three for me Keith Manhattan just give me that
countryside all right so it’s the extra most bestest pizza from Little Caesars
going in I got a gyp I’m over up the left thigh don’t do those helmets up I’m ready are
you right to drive what are you doing driving the boy if
you get up so basically um what was thinking awesome
ah I can’t believe you’ve done this when I was seven years old I sat on a banana
and of course that changed my life you know why I pulled you over cuz I was
speeding no kosher black sometimes understand what’s going
through your fucking mind this is fucking painful what’s so
fucking complicated you serve me shit like that
tell your jacket and fuck off fucking days the lamb sauce telling me that you
should be ashamed you’re special what’s a webpage something okay use your
bathroom oh yeah sorry over there sick

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