DJ D-Nice and Bringing Joy to Social Distancing | The Daily Social Distancing Show

DJ D-Nice and Bringing Joy to Social Distancing | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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All right,
we can just jump into it. -Welcome to the show.
-…man. I feel like we’ve all… we’ve all been thrust
into this new world of living in a different way,
and then you’re the first person who I felt like truly captured, like, bringing joy into the world
of social distancing. Did you think your stream was
gonna blow up as much as it did? ‘Cause I think you started
with, what, 200 people? And then it jumped
to, like, 100,000 over time. I started with 200.
And no, I didn’t think it was going to become
what it did. And, um, it was literally me
sitting at home and just kind of
feeling isolated and missing my friends. -Right. -And, you know,
I tour the world deejaying, so I’m used to being around
a lot of people. And I just felt like
I needed to do something. I was going stir-crazy in here. So I started my IG live. And I had never really used
IG live. I started it just to invite
some of my friends and just to play music
from my laptop into the phone and share old-school stories
about some of these records that I produced back when I was,
like, 18 and 19 years old. -Right, right. -And then
it just kind of took off, like, with the stories. And then one of my buddies is
another DJ named DJ Clark Kent. He was like, “You should
actually start deejaying in-in your, uh, IG live.” And it turned into,
like, this massive party. What… Actually,
I thought it was massive. It went from 200
to 10,000 people, and I was just excited
about that. -(laughs)
-And by the time Fri… By the time Friday arrived,
it was, like, 25,000 people, and J.Lo was in there, -and then Drake popped in.
-Right. Oprah popped in, and, uh, then Michelle Obama
popped in. And that was, like,
I froze up for a bit. And even though
I deejayed for Michelle and, uh,
and the former president, it was still
kind of surreal that… I’m used… I’m used to being
in their world, and now they’re in my world. Like, they came over
to see what I was up to. And just having
all of these artists in there -was just, like, amazing…
-Right. …that they were coming
to-to D-Nice -to see what I was up to.
-Right. And the.. And, also, the music. The music that I chose to play was much different than
what I would play at a party. So, at a party,
I’m looking at people and trying to cater to them. -Uh-huh.
-But when you’re in that… in that world, there’s,
you know, there’s no audience. So I literally just played
from the heart. I played what I felt. Do you think the sets
you’ve created now are gonna become the sets
that you start playing once social distancing is over? Do you think…
do you think this period has helped D-Nice create,
like, a new idea, or do you think this set
is specifically designed for what you’re doing
on Instagram? No, I think that this is
going to become the norm of… Because other DJs have
called me, you know, to say– like, I mean, other big DJs–
like, “Dude, you reminded me of what it felt like to actually
just play music that you love.” -Oh, wow. -So I think
people are gonna start incorporating that
into their sets. I think people
were in that chat room– in that IG live, rather– to hear me play
and to-to experience it. And-and the fact
that they were engaged for… -I played nine hours in there.
-Yeah. -Yeah, it was a marathon.
-It was a nine-hour set of, like,
a straight marathon set where it was just fun,
and it didn’t even feel like it. It was just mind-blowing.
It was mind-blowing. -So, I feel like…
-You-you… Yeah. I mean, to have…
to have a party where you have Michelle Obama
pop in, I don’t think… I don’t think…
I think there’s, like, a handful of people on the planet
who can say that phrase. “I was throwing a party, and then Michelle Obama
pops in.” And now she hasn’t
just popped in. The two of you
are also teaming up. You’re gonna be…
you’re gonna be deejaying another big set
that’s coming up, but this time you’re teaming up with Michelle Obama’s,
um, organization. What is…
what is that gonna be? The whole concept of it…
It’s Michelle’s organization, and she’s trying to, you know,
increase voter registration. -Right, right.
-So they came up with an idea to throw a couch party
where we can, like, just kind of galvanize people
to register to vote. So it’s a party with purpose,
you know, where I’ll play great music. We’ll make sure, you know,
to remind people to log on to, you know,
the site to register to vote, -which is important, you know?
-Mm-hmm. We have to. I mean,
it’s a big election year, so just trying
to drive that traffic up. Hey, man, if there’s anyone
who can drive the traffic, it’s the hottest DJ in the world
right now. It’s so amazing,
because when you just type “DJ” into Google right now, it autocorrects it to D-Nice. -So, clearly, you’ve done
a major thing. -Oh, wow. Congratulations on creating
something completely new, and I hope
this is just the beginning. And thank you, man. Thank you
for making us all dance. Thank you for bringing a little
joy into everybody’s lives. I’ll see you
at the party tomorrow. All right, absolutely.
Have on your dancing shoes, man. -I’ll be there. Let’s do it.
-All right.

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